Glen Lerner Helped Made Summer Possible for Underprivileged Youth in Waukegan

Summer camp is one of the most thrilling and life changing experiences for a young adult. However, the cost often prevents children in low-income households from being able to attend summer camps. Through a partnership with the Salvation Army in Gary, Indiana and Waukegan, Illinois, Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys made summer camp possible for 30 underprivileged youth.

Through this sponsorship kids were able to take part in the Salvation Army’s Wonderland Camp. Swimming in the lake, boating, music, archery, outdoor recreation, sports, arts and crafts, and a chance to learn about God and create new friendships became possible for these kids. Camp provided these kids with a safe haven from the challenges and dangers that kids face on the streets of Chicago.

Here are just a few quotes from some of the sponsored campers:

D’Maiya Clark – 8 “Camp was really fun. I made lots of friends. I got to sing and perform with my cabin at the talent show in my pajamas! And I can go in the pool now without floaty things!”

Shar’Mayne Harper – 9 “Thank you for sponsoring me to go to Music Camp. I went with my brother and cousin and it was super fun. We got to sing and had $5 for snacks at the snack shop plus we were able to swim every day. I did arts and crafts and made cool stuff. I can’t wait to go back.”

Jeffrey Norton – 16 “So camp was fun. We had great guests that really took time to be with me and my friends. I was in the highest choir and had a good time singing. I got to do stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to do in the city. Hopefully I can even work at camp next summer. Thank you for this opportunity.”

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